Roped Cat Bridge

  • $249.95 USD
  • Save $50.00 USD

-Bring out your cat's wild side
-Extremely sturdy, tested to hold 85 lbs
-Captivating and beautiful

This is an Indiana Jones style cat bridge, which is the very first product we made after getting our first cat Ickle. After seeing how much he liked it, it gave us the idea for starting the shop 4 years ago. It's still one of the most popular items in the shop and also Ickle's favorite napping spot. Each bridge is hand-crafted and built to order.

Our big cat Ickle often falls asleep lounging on his back in the center of his bridge. Cats of all sizes can utilize this bridge for relaxing or to travel across the span of a doorway or other gaps.

The length that you order is the distance you want between the two end platforms. Please do not include the two 18″ platforms in your measurement and do not account for hang. For instance, if you were to order a 50" bridge, the slats would be 50" wide and the total width of the bridge end-to-end would be 86". It’s also a good idea to add on a couple inches for wiggle room when choosing a bridge for your space.

Each bridge is built with safety in mind. We rope the bridges up with paracord is rated to hold up to 160lbs. Roping is weaved 3″ high along the entire bridge, for added stability and to act as a railing. The bridge slats (7.5″ wide) are securely attached to the two 9″x 18″ platforms.

This piece comes standard with rustic twine roping as a railing along each side. For a modern look, we can use long-lasting paracord for the railing instead of twine. This upgrade is available from a drop-down menu when you order, for a small additional charge.

All of the brackets come detached from the platforms so that you can mount them based on where your studs are located. Our Indiana Jones bridge should have each platform mounted into at least one stud to be sturdy. A second bracket on each platform can be mounted up into just drywall with little plastic anchors that we send along with the shelves.

Pictured are two Bridges stained Onyx.

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