Photo realistic TY Beanie Baby Heart Tag - Dog & Pet Halloween Costume

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Ever want to relive your childhood 90’s nostalgia of Beanie Babies? Here’s your chance!
Simply add this cute tag to your pet's collar, and show them off as the unique pet they are! You can even customize the inside with your pet’s information! This can be worn as a human costume, too!

These tags are photo-realistic in nature. The tags are made from a blown up and edited scan of a real BB tag. The inside and outside of the tag are printed on glossy photo paper, and placed over thin plastic to keep them as study as possible for paper and thin plastic tags. :)

All tags are handmade to order. Tags should be made and shipped within a day or two of ordering
These are HANDMADE tags. Not factory made, so please don’t expect 100% perfect quality. Some human error may be present, and these will look handmade. I strive to send out what I consider excellent tags, but keep in mind these are hand cut, and printed on a home computer. This means that the cutting may not be perfect, the centering may not be perfect, the image quality may not be as high resolution as you are expecting, etc. I do my best though! Just keep your expectations reasonable on homemade, handmade, printed paper & plastic tags. :)
If there is anything wrong with your order, please let me know and we’ll work together to get the best solution possible! :)

The inside of the tags are customizable!

Simply fill out this information in the "notes" box at checkout!

Date of Birth:
Ribbon or Keyring:
Anything else to add:

If you do not want custom options (or you don’t send me any), I have a standard themed Halloween inside I will use). Ribbon is default if you do not choose a selection.
If you send me info for the inside, but you do not send me a DOB I will leave it blank for you to fill in on your own if you would like. If you don’t send me a phrase or a poem of some sort, but you send a name & DOB, I’ll use my standard Halloween poem.

I have three tag design options to choose from: Original Beanie Babies, Beanie Boos, or the yellow star.


L x W in inches (approx.)

Extra Small: 2.5 x 2
Small: 3 x 2
Medium: 3.5 x 3
Large: 4 x 5 (pictured in the main photo)
*Extra Large: 7 x 8

*Note: XL tag is different than the smaller sizes. It is only a front and back tag, not a 4-panel tag like the smaller sizes. This means it’ll have the heart front and inside on the back. No barcode or other inside panel. Thus 2 panels instead of 4. See the last photo for what this tag looks like.

For anything else NOT MENTIONED, please contact me with questions! I usually respond right away. :)

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