Monogram Decal Sticker

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These monograms are perfect for Personalizing your car, laptop, Yeti, notebooks, planners, agendas, cups, mugs, and many other items! All of these decals are waterproof and are made with outdoor grade vinyl, durable for cups and able to withstand heat for cars!

1) Choose your preferences for the drop down boxes including size, style, and width.
2) Add your item to your cart
3) At checkout there will be a box labeled, "Notes for Customized Products"
4) In this box please write:

- Your monogram initials in the EXACT order you would like them to appear on your decal. (Typical monogram order is first, LAST, middle initial - Hannah Grace Mitchell would be hMg).
- Color you would like. If you paid for glitter please choose a glitter color, if you did not pay for glitter, please choose a regular color.

5) Place your order & Checkout! :)

- If you paid for a regular color, but requested a glitter color, I will send the vinyl in the regular color. (I will try to contact you first if I can to see if you would like to pay an upgrade.)
- If no color is put and I have tried contacting you, but get no response, and your shipping date has come I will send white vinyl if you ordered regular vinyl or snow for glitter vinyl.

Sizes I normally suggest are:

- Laptop inner corner beside keyboard: 3 inches
- Outside of laptop/laptop cover: 4-5 inches
- iPhone 5/5s: 2 inches
- iPhone 6/6s: 2.25 inches
- iPhone 6 plus: 2.75 inches
- iPad decal: 3-4 inches
- Water bottle / tumbler: 3 or 3.5 inches
- Yeti: 3, 3.5, or 4 inches
- Car Decal: 5-6 inches

> If ordering to put on a CELL PHONE or high traffic area, the CIRCLE font (A1-A5) will work best on those areas. The other fonts may start peeling away within 1-2 weeks depending on how much you touch it. Decals ordered for phones will not be replaced if they start to peel off if B1-D4 were purchased for that purpose. Thank you for understanding!

> Larger sizes, up to 12 inches can be purchased. Contact me to receive info on larger sizes.

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